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I come from the sea …

architecture in Venice in the years of experimentation, charged with a great curiosity for history and art: I was magnetically captured by Manfredo Tafuri and his history team. I am therefore more of a historian than an architect.

I was involved in theatre for more than ten years at Imola with great friends who introduced me to the theatre and enabled me to experience the real nature of the concept of asylum through workshops and productions.
 One of them was a trombone player with very eclectic tastes who always used to create beautiful things.
The rehearsal room was the asylum department room number 5.
We spent years there, spending more time inside than out.

I remember “epic” shows staged with those, “the crazy people” and my company, at the time when Basaglia had just marked out his path, but there was still a long journey to go.
I regret not having retained more from that time, it’s all just a memory, a great memory.
Road trips in a battered old car.  Who could ever forget?

I travelled quite a lot selling our shows and was an event organizer.
Then came the theatre in Verona, where I did everything, to the point of exhaustion.
So I gave the theatre up.

From there I started from what had ever grabbed my interest: the world of images, the written word and the language of visual communication.

In England I attended a school of graphic design, then I returned with a presentation portfolio:
I started working for Italian Vogue .

Vogue was, by definition, the world of publishing and fashion, a beautiful and wonderful experience.
The photographic material was fantastic.

I went back to England to create a new portfolio and spent months testing it out through
introducing myself in large projects.

Back home I worked for Benetton doing illustrations for t-shirts and a lot more besides: for example, I brought the concept of “graphic” to T-shirt design.
With a hint of pride I can say that I started a trend: the first time both the front and back of a T-shirt were involved and the first time that the logo from the label played a part in the illustration.

Then came Stefanel.
I continued to do graphics for t-shirts, illustrations interacting with logos, and a shop-window restyling project for all the Stefanel  stores, both in Italy and abroad.
My project was inspired by various types ​​of visual communication: atmospheric theatrical lighting, tools for settings suggested by an art installation, backdrops and wings featuring  Stefanel’s advertising campaigns.

Then a long pause spent looking after my daughter and family.
I started again on children books 
and little by little I’ve thrown myself back into the world of graphic design, … and more besides.

After that, with a pinch of sea and salt,” nevedesign” was born